Medical Consultants of America, Inc. (MCA) is a full service medical billing company. 

The financial management of your medical practice is more challenging now than ever before. Medical billing has evolved to a point where new innovative methods, expensive technology and continuing education are required in order to effectively manage the reimbursement maze.

MCA has been serving medical practices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over 26 years. Our sophisticated state –of –the-art automated computer system processes our client’s billing in the most efficient way possible.  Our security systems ensure patient data is kept confidential.Our trained and experienced account representatives interact in a courteous and professional manner with your patients and staff.

We hope you will consider allowing MCA to provide the financial peace of mind you deserve.



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MCA is a full service medical billing company.  MCA‘s highly trained staff systematically processes and audits all charges to ensure accurate coding and proper billing. MCA reconciles all charges and payments received by your office to ensure that you have been paid for the services you provided.  We also monitor published fee schedules form various carriers to ensure that you are charging appropriately for your services.

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Medical Consultants of America, Inc. has been serving physicians with quality medical billing for over twenty three years. At MCA, we understand how busy medical practices can be and there is little to no time for doctors to properly and efficiently set up their professional website and take full advantage of the various media outlets available to them on the web.

We provide a marketing service where we will not only build and maintain physicians’ websites, but will also manage social media, medical/healthcare blogging, and uphold contact with current patients.

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